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I don't understand why the author thinks that people aren't allowed to complain about RAM limitations at the launch, and instead expects them to wait the 2-3 weeks before the items ship and then use certain software on them long enough for usage patterns to come through. If 16GB ram isn't enough for you now, it's utter nonsense that "maybe Photoshop will run just fine on 16GB on the new hardware".

I would also have made a bigger point of Apple not having enough USB dongles to supply their 'new, modern' laptops. It's a pretty big complaint to level against the "so what, it's one dongle" apologists, if you can't get one in the first place.

I am curious about how the morale within the Mac group must be. In an alternate universe the last iPhone would have ditched Lightning for USB-C, and Skylake MacBook Pros similar to the ones just released ones would have come out two or three quarters ago instead.

While it's okay if not everyone at Apple is interested in the MacBook Pros, the people designing them have to be disheartened by the reactions. Decisions to put off this release for so long seems like it must have been a strategic one made outside of the group which probably wanted to ship a Skylake MacBook Pro a long time ago.

Imagine (over-)simplified analysis that showed customers keeping their machines for an average of three years, or four product generations that were each about three quarters long. If Apple changed the time between generations to six quarters, then they would have retooling costs for only two cohorts of customers rather than four, and it would also get economies of scale similar to having twice as many customers buying each release.

Now imagine that suitable Kaby Lake CPUs with Iris graphics turned out to much further off in the future than originally expected, and Apple ended up deciding they had to release a Skylake MacBook Pro rather than being able to skip the microarchitecture.

So they do, but it's later than it might have been, and there end up being some issues that make it seem like it was designed and released quickly rather than like it had been refined even more than usual. And, on top of it all, the difficult, but ultimately beneficial, transition to all USB-C everywhere ends up being needlessly antagonizing to customers due to a cheap decision not to toss free legacy adapters and free USB-C/Lighting cables in the box of every new MacBook Pro.

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