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So this is a prototype and not really added value yet.

I don't understand why this comment is unpopular since the GP is phrased in such a fashion that you only notice that they talking hypothetically if you read it carefully.

I don't think there's anything wrong the GP's achievement or post (it's all interesting stuff) but if something has not yet been implemented, it's worth nothing since there is "many a slip 'tween cup and the lip"

Totally fair - I developed the tool for a product that won't be released until early next year so the cost savings are estimates based on expected production volumes. Its performance in a lower volume development environment has been consistent, however.

I didn't downvote the parent, but I also don't consider it to be civil (which is requested in the HN Guidelines). There are a number of ways to point out that this is not yet in production, and many of them don't require the dismissive tone his comment struck.

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