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Vimwiki maintainer here. Feel free to ask questions.

Is there a recommended way to sync this with a remote server or service? My interest is to share the info between devices. I suppose I could just use a git repo, but wondering if there's a less manual way.

There is no standard way. It's just a bunch of plain text files, so there are many ways to sync. AFAIK, many users use Dropbox.

Dropbox works well, as does (oddly enough) iCloud. Syncthing also works well enough too. I simply simlink whichever choice I make back to my home directory, and it works as expected.

I use syncthing for this very purpose, works great.

Thanks a lot for creating vimwiki. I've been using it for years to keep my notes.

Thanks for adding markdown support. :)

Is there a way in which I can show my gratitude? I can donate money or contribute code (if you need help).

I personally didn't create Vimwiki and I didn't add the markdown support, I'm just the main contributor for the last couple of years. But thanks for the kind words anyway :) Code contributions are the best way to support Vimwiki, since I can't spare as much time as I would like to work on it.

Just want to add my thanks for making this amazing plugin! I've been using it for four years and have always found it to be an invaluable part of my toolset.

Great work, please keep up the awesomeness!

Is there a way to publish the wiki on the web.

You can convert your wiki files to HTML, but you have to do the publishing part on your own.

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