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What's more, if you prefer the Emacs environment, you can run a vi-like editor in it (Evil). Emacs keybindings, on the other hand, are the default keybindings for GNU readline, which is used in a lot of shells and related programs. Additionally, I know that OS X allows you to use Emacs keybindings in any text field. (I am not a mac user, can't comment on this.)

(Disclaimer: I am a happy Spacemacs user, and it would take a lot to pry it away from me.)

I'd recommend learning vi, so you can learn how awesome modal editing is. Then, learn Emacs' basic commands for line editing (so as to make readline apps easier to work with). Once you've done that, evaluate whether a (Neo)vim with plugins or Spacemacs setup is better for you, then choose one of those.

As an avid vim user who has tried Evil mode, emacs, and even spacemacs, I fully agree with all of the reasons you listed. To add to it:

- *-mode (specific syntax highlighting, commands, etc. based on project or task)

- edit/save remote files via built-in TRAMP [0]

- built-in plugin manager (interactive, or via emacs init config)

- MELPA [1]

- Non-blocking (e.g., run tests in one buffer while editing source in another)

- client-server approach (neovim adopted this, but emacs has had far more time to work out the kinks)

The main reasons I stay with vim are:

- already committed to vi-like muscle memory (and evil-mode, while admirable, doesn't cut it)

- no translation of VimL configs and plugins to Emacs Lisp

- many plugins for languages, frameworks, etc. which I use daily are severely out of date in emacs (and I'm too lazy to maintain them myself)

[0]: http://askubuntu.com/questions/79100/how-to-open-a-remote-fi...

[1]: http://melpa.org/

I prefer the Emacs environment: I love TRAMP, org-mode, and the simplicity of getting a fully-featured IDE just by adding a list to my spacemacs configuration.

Do you use neovim?

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