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So its basically like Orgmode (a simplistic version, that is) but for Vim?

For people, not familiar with org mode, the markup portion is a very very small subset of org mode. Org mode is a very powerful tool that is used for many more applications. People complaining about "usability" of org mode do not know where to begin "learning" org mode. The thing is that no one needs to "learn the whole org mode"; you take it in piece by piece, based on the features you need. I started off learning just the (1) org markup syntax, and exporting. You write once, and then export the same to HTML, PDF, markdown, plain ASCII text, etc. Then I learned (2) Org capture.. taking notes at whim of a moment, dumping all notes in a single file (you don't have to do it in a single file) categorized by tags. Then I wanted to take notes with "living code".. notes that contain the code as well as the code output. So that was learning (3) Org babel. Then I wanted the notes to generate files containing the code in those notes. Enter (4) Org tangle. One day I felt like why not experiment with (5) Org table that is plain text spreadsheet that can contain formulas too. It truly is a beautiful piece of software. At some point, I started tinkering with elisp, and started appreciating the org mode design even more. I felt a need to have some thing like the default ASCII exporter, but few of my own tweaks. (6) And I learnt how to design my own custom org exporter.

And I believe that all of that is probably less than 50% of the whole of org mode. I will learn more as and when I feel the need. If you feel lost, read the org mode manual or ask the org mode mailing list.

And with a usable interface

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