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It's GREAT to see vimwiki at the top of Hacker News.

I've been using this for years, and keep all my notes in a wiki[0], written in GitHub flavour mark down, with syntax highlighting etc. in the editor. I guess it's not orgmode (which sounds amazing), but it seems really really good to me.

I created the vimwiki_markdown[1] gem which allows you to convert GH style markdown to HTML using the wiki. Now I might just call out to pandoc, but I didn't know about it at the time, and my gem works fine*

I love that you can have project specific wikis etc. It's just so great. I'll also link to the relevant section in my .vimrc[2] if you are going to go down the markdown route.

[0] http://wiki.psdavey.com

[1] https://github.com/patrickdavey/vimwiki_markdown

[2] https://github.com/patrickdavey/dotfiles/blob/682e72e4b7a70e...

This definitely appeals to me for its simplicity, but the major downside to this approach (for me) is that you can't (easily) draw pictures.

So often when I am taking notes, the notes involve diagrams. Markdown is great at text, but has nothing for diagrams.

After a lot of thinking about this problem, I've decided to start using an iPad with an Apple Pencil and Microsoft OneNote. Here is an example of some notes I took when thinking about an AudioUnit plugin that would dilate time:


VimWiki is definitely very cool. Just sharing this in case anyone out there has the same concern as me about drawing diagrams.

Yes, your method of iPad/Apple Pencil/Microsoft OneNote is the best note-taking experience I've had as well. OneNote is absolutely fantastic.

That said, I rarely draw pictures and defer diagraming to my co workers, so vimwiki will fill a purpose for me.

Have you come across monodraw?


It was a ruby rogues pick a while back, you might like it!

how good is the handwriting recognition for searches etc?

The engine is very good; it's recognized all my writing. The downside is that it is offline -- it happens in the cloud. This means it's a little delayed and sometimes it seems mysteriously unavailable completely.

I find it interesting that you use the term "offline" to mean "in the cloud". I generally use it in the _opposite_ way.

Ha, I see your point. I used "offline" because it is happening in a way that is disconnected with my interactive usage. It doesn't analyze the handwriting as I write, it processes it in batch later, and this might even happen during a moment when I'm not connected to the internet. But I can see why this usage could be ambiguous or confusing.

Love your wiki. I've been trying to come up with a way to save my links/notes, and I really like how you have done it.

How are checklists handled in Markdown? I've been wanting to move over to Markdown but I'm a heavy checklist user.

  - [ ] For an unchecked item
  - [x] For a checked item

Thank you!

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