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I've used Vue pretty much daily over the last year in a fairly complex app (some 150+ components, Vuex store with 100+ actions, full client side router navigation) and it has been pretty pleasant. I even contribute a nominal amount to the Patreon campaign. However, the upgrade path from v1 to v2 is not a quick undertaking. Certain changes require a revisit to practically all components (e.g. change of 'ready' to 'mounted', v-el to ref etc.) that don't really bring a lot of value to the end user other than change in semantics. The upgrade diagnostic tool is a great feature, but seeing 600+ breaks in your app is not so much fun. Changes in Vuex (e.g. no more vuex: getters in the components, 'dispatch' is now 'commit' in the store modules) translates to significant work in a largish app just to upgrade semantics. Also, the article references the verbosity of Redux with respect to forms. In all fairness, all Flux implementations, including Vuex, have pretty much similar verbosity.

Just providing some balancing thoughts for folks to be aware of before investing heavy time in any framework, including this one.

I just heard about vuex, any curated resources about it ?

The main Vuex docs are quite good, with the included shopping cart example. https://vuex.vuejs.org/en/

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