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Concurrency has landed (emacs-devel post announcing the new threads feature) (gnu.org)
33 points by lokedhs on Dec 11, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

Exciting! I hope this is the watershed moment I have imagined it to be.

Praise the GNU overlords, the day has finally come!

Emacs is now a proper operating system!

You should up your joke to 2016:

Emacs is now a proper web browser.

If only it had a decent editor!

We have evil-mode now

Can anyone ELI5 this for a normal users?

As of that commit, Emacs now contains threading primitives. It doesn't change anything visibly for a normal user, but it should now be much easier to build extensions that don't hang the entire editor while performing certain long-running operations.

One of the features a lot of people are hoping for is to have Gnus no longer block everything while fetching emails from the server. Of course, Gnus needs to be updated to support this.

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