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GERMANS: Be aware! Don't buy any US ETFs when you pay taxes in Germany. There is pretty heavy penalty tax on ETFs. Depends on the difference of the price on the first day of trading of the year and on the last. If unlucky you can pay 50% tax on your gains. I did just this year pay 45% and I won't be getting it back. Read thru this first: https://www.justetf.com/de-en/news/etf/steuereinfach-in-etfs...

I have read the link you posted and I'm still not clear on how you would end up paying ~50% and not be able to get it back.

If your ETF is "ausländisch thesaurierend" ("foreign accumulating"), declaring it will be a bit more complicated but not that hard. Would you mind explaining your situation a bit better? Maybe I'm missing something (and I wouldn't want to, since I'm looking into this topic myself at the moment).

Do you mean also for accumulating ETFs? Are you supposed to list all ETF purchase prices/start-of-year value, and the end-of-the-year value in the tax declaration, then?

Do Germans not have any practical way to invest in accumulating funds?

DENMARK: Similar problem - you pay yearly capital gains tax on foreign ETF :(

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