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I'm using DEGIRO (based in the NL), seems to be OK, decent website and low fees. They have this weird thing about loaning out your shares in the regular accounts; I couldn't quite get the risk I'd be exposed to in that case, so I went with a Custody account.

Same here. Just wondering, are you using the Ireland based Vanguard ETFs (i.e. VWRL, VEUR, etc.) or the US-based ones (VTI, VGT, etc.)?

Neither :) I'm using an Amsterdam based one: https://www.euronext.com/en/products/etfs/IE00B3XXRP09-XAMS

While traded on the Amsterdam stock exchange, the domicile of the fund is still Ireland.[1]

Anyway, since you're in Europe, curious why you chose this fund (S&P 500) over something with more exposure outside the US?

[1]: https://www.vanguard.nl/portal/instl/nl/en/product.html#/fun...

Ah, right, I didn't pay close attention. I selected the S&P mostly as a simple "default" choice to start. It doesn't really matter, since it'll be a while before I can invest any significant amounts.

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