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Vincent Dignan, one of the worst twitter spammer I've ever blocked (more than once since he likes/liked to ignore complaints, open a new account and do it again...to the same people!).

If spamming all of twitter in alphabetical order is an example of the growth hacks....

I see the account he used to do most of the spamming has been suspended by Twitter now https://twitter.com/vdignan

Ya, we had a sit down about that and I made him stop. It does work, but I don't care

Would you not spam Twitter if you were in debt and could make 11k/mo? I agree it's lame but gotta pay the bills :)

There are alternatives to wasting thousands of people's time, such as getting a salaried job doing something that's a net positive for society.

I know that I wouldn't. It's called moral compass and knowing how it would make the internet a shittier place the more people it would do.

You can deal crack too, it pays the bills.

> I agree it's lame but gotta pay the bills :) reply.

Yep. And like Floyd Mayweather said, "Skills pay the Bills." Like it or not, Mr Vincent Dugnan is very skilled at making 11,000 / month spamming on twitter and social networks. So that's that.

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