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What part of "$103,892 USD total funds raised" on the provided link was difficult to parse?

And why assume the other is lying? This Ask HN is specifically about passive income, and calls for people to share their profits. It's not about them posting their IRS returns or other proof. If you're gonna doubt them, might as well skip the whole post.

It is the same crap Tim Ferriss is doing. People like the idea, think they can use it as well only to never understand that they are a part of a pyramid scheme which is ultra flat and has only him or someone like Tim Ferriss on top.

If it's ultra flat then it's not a pyramid scheme. It's only a pyramid scheme if it trickles down to ever diminishing returns.

At worse, what you describe is a snake oil sale.

But people can genuinely learn things from this or from Tim Ferris work too, so it's more like any self-help book/product sale basically. As long as it contains useful stuff that the buyer didn't know before on their own, it's legit for me.

Of course if the content is good, it still relies on the determination of those applying it. And some luck besides.

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