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This is really cool! Bookmarked. :D

ps. I can't use any of your examples. I use a portrait orientated screen which causes the examples list to go below the example. Hovering over them causes the example to change, which changes the height of the area, which forces a hover event on another item in the list as it gets pushed up/down which repeats the process until the height is either too short or too tall for me to be hovering an item in the list.

Consider making it a .onClick() event after a certain screen size? :)

E: Woah! Just realized you're the same kalid behind betterexplained. Another really awesome resource. :)

Great feedback, thanks! The examples should probably load on either hover (preview) or click (load). Currently it takes you off the example list and to a standalone calc, which is confusing. (There are so many usability issues you discover as things get out there.)

Glad you're enjoying betterexplained too ;).

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