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Here, reduced it from 8832 bytes down to 4710


And it GZips better as well (4793 -> 2120).

I opened it in Inkscape, converted the text to path. Then ran it through SVGCleaner.

You can also do manual simplification in Inkscape (Ctrl + L) till the quality starts to degrade. This lets you reduce things even further:


3516 bytes, 1726 GZipped.

When reducing SVGs for data urls, I've found you can reduce size even further by scaling the image up, then rounding coordinates to integers. I've written a few scripts to assist with this, but I imagine you could get a similar effect in Inkscape by snapping everything to an integer grid.

Also, merging path elements together helps.

For example, here's the logo in 1952 bytes: http://pastebin.com/YYBpWsDE

And I'm sure there's further room for manual reduction, maybe by switching between strokes/fills and further cleaning up the paths.

(It would be cool if someone were to work on an automated system for doing this kind of simplification. But I have a feeling that it's difficult find a general technique that will work across SVG hierarchies, like scaled/rotated groups, etc.)

Nice! Can I use it?

(If you want, you can also submit a patch in https://github.com/badges/shields.)

Yeah, it's your artwork, I just optimized it.

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