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Stuff like this is like rearranging chairs on the titanic - 26 kilobytes is a drop in the bucket compared to the bloat created by all the other shit people slap on to their sites - ad scripts for example

That is just a terrible analogy. Saving 20% of bandwidth, if you really want to make a accurate analogy to an event when 1500 people died, would be like saving the lives of 300 people.

Saying "Screw it, More people died in other places" is missing the point. The article even admits this is not the #1 place to optimize... but that doesn't mean you should scoff at it.

Maybe, but at some point you need to clear those chairs out of the way if you want to get anyone to the boats.

so your argument why bother reducing bandwidth usage at all?

no, just your HN-standard pessimistic observation on its efficacy =]

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