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Icon fonts have been breaking websites for people that do not allow websites to set their fonts.

Are those the same people that disable JavaScript everywhere too? Imagine that you were running desktop apps and said "ok I want this program, but I only want it to use standard widgets, my chosen font, and not use certain API's. Wait why does this look funny and not work right?!"

Many dyslexics use their own fonts in their web browsers, because they like to be able to read the sites more easily.

It isn't just bloody-minded fanatics who object to web fonts.

(full disclosure: I am a bloody-minded fanatic and also object to web fonts)

Actually not. I allow Javascript but I block web fonts because I think they're a stupid idea.

Your argument about desktop apps isn't very good because people can (and do) prevent desktop apps from doing certain things and accessing various stuff, like web cams, the microphone, system directories, the internet, etc. If my text editor breaks because it can't access my webcam, I'd say it's a serious problem.

Just curious, how do you actually block desktop apps from doing such things, aside from unplugging the device in question that is?

It seems worth noting that as web browsers have removed the ability to disable JavaScript they have added options to disable web fonts. I flipped this switch in Firefox for Android because it makes pages load noticeably faster and conserves data. Lots of sites seem to host web fonts on third-party CDNs which require a separate TCP connection: a big deal on high-latency mobile.

Blocking web fonts usually does not noticeably degrade a site's usability or functionality. Icon fonts are the exception. I've learned that a question mark in the upper-right corner is usually a site's menu, except when it's the search function. I don't think that this level of breakage is comparable to what happens when JavaScript is disabled, since many sites just break completely without scripting.

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