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The slides are here:


Wrap up and Q&A:


The article from the slide 23:


"#LatencyTipOfTheDay: MOST page loads will experience the 99%'lie server response"

I thought the point from that article was a bit of a stretch, as most of the requests are going to be async ad requests, or cdn requests, and hopefully none of that blocks the user experience. I'd probably give it most sessions would experience it, which is nearly as bad. overall though it was really informative and interesting

> hopefully none of that blocks the user experience

Let's hope for the best. cough

That latency tip is so naive.... it is assuming that performance profiles are randomly distributed. In the real world, this simply isn't the case.

The end of the article has an edit saying how time-correlated events would throw off the math, but it also would be thrown off by the real-world case that all CLIENTs are not created equal, either. If there is a slow connection between a client and a server, their requests will be served slower.

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