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I believe the canonical JS implementation is (or will be?) https://github.com/jordwalke/ReLayout - written in Reason and compiled to JS via Bucklescript. Lots of very nice reasons and benefits for this, including readable JS with good performance.

Hi, I'm one of the contributors to ReLayout. I originally worked on ReactJS, and ReactNative which made use of Yoga (then, css-layout), and now I'm working on Reason and ReLayout (which is a port of Yoga to Reason). I definitely wouldn't call ReLayout the canonical way to compile Yoga to JS. While we intend to keep ReLayout up to date with the Yoga implementation, we're ultimately doing this because we'd like to experiment with combining ReactJS's API, the new Fiber architecture, with a deeply integrated Flex Box layout algorithm. Feel free to message us if you're interested in tracking the results of the experiment, but but for now, I'm just excited to see Yoga launch. The Yoga project and team have been incredibly helpful with our experiment and I'm excited to see more apps integrate Yoga going forward. Congrats! I can't go back to not using FlexBox now that I've gotten hooked on it. (edited: Formatting)

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