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The React wiki has a non exhaustive list of users[0] which includes some rather large companies (BBC, Airbnb, Automattic, Atlassian, eBay, Netflix, etc.). I presume most of those larger companies had their legal departments approve its use.

[0] https://github.com/facebook/react/wiki/Sites-Using-React

That may be the case, but I personally would be surprised. My impression is that most companies don't do a good job of managing and monitoring dependency licensing.

I have seen tooling that analyzes licenses, but not for node or client-side javascript. Maybe I'm just in the dark.

That may be true in general but the React license has generated a lot of buzz. If you look at pretty much any Facebook project posted on HN, you'll find that one of the top comments is about the license. Also, the decision to use React is impactful enough that I'd expect most tech CTOs to know about it. I grant you that some might not take the license issue seriously enough to discuss it with legal counsel.

To answer your original question, I found this statement by Automattic's legal counsel[0]:

> “Automattic looked at the legal issues with Facebook’s patent license on React,” Sieminski said. “The termination provisions of the patent license aren’t ideal, but are not a blocker to using React as part of Calypso.”

[0] https://wptavern.com/automattic-will-continue-to-use-react-j...

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