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There's a deeper issue here I think (IANAL). If there is anything in Facebook's patent portfolio that is indeed "a patent owned by Facebook that is necessarily infringed by the [React] Software standing alone," then using Preact, which implements the same functionality using similar algorithms, may very well infringe on that patent. And... if a release of your software does not use React itself in favor of Preact, you were never given a license in the first place to that patent, so you'd be even more vulnerable to Facebook enforcing their IP rights!

If you sue a company with competent lawyers, their defensive patent portfolio will be unleashed on you to the greatest extent possible, whether you intentionally infringed or not. If you use technology similar to Angular and sued Google, you'd be in a similar position. Facebook's patent grants simply codify this, and so they've taken the blame for something that was always hanging over every developer's head with any patented software anywhere.


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