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I agree with you wholeheartedly about the naming.

This is becoming a serious issue with many different things. Try to search for info about the visual studio "Code" editor for example.

Facts and common sense are not fashionable in this age though unfortunately as evidenced by your (current) low vote on your comment.



It's not a "fact" that such names are a bad choice. It's an opinion. Personally I prefer evocative names, and that requires – almost by definition – to reuse words already in use.

It's also not "fashionable" or "trendy". To quote Aristoteles: "The young people today are rotten to the core, or they would have never named this software 'R'".

The alternative is the pharmaceutical naming system which includes a review to ensure that names are not just unique, but unlikely to confuse even with bad handwriting. The result is an endless stream of forgettable, but pronounceable, UUIDs with too many 'Z's.

(... and "Plan B", which is probably my favorite example of evocative naming).

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