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Sure it's not hard. I prefer to buy elsewhere when I have the time (to support local businesses, or because they have better service).

But it's a pity that other companies can't use this great "technology" of next or same day delivery. It may sound silly, but it is a real organizational marvel. It makes me think of the aztec relay messengers, or the early US postal service delivering mail to the frontier.

There is "fulfilment by Amazon", which is great, but Amazon gets to dictate the conditions, which are not very favorable to other businesses as I understand.

Also, Amazon is said to not pay their workers very well. I'd love to have the option to use something just like Amazon, but where I pay a few percent more, and the workers get paid more fairly.

I'd love to vote with my wallet on these issues, or (crazy!) actually with my vote, but I can't. I don't want to boycott Amazon, as little as I want to boycott the interstate system or air travel and go by carriage, although there are things I might want to improve with either.

Boycotting Amazon is easy. I'm sure only a percentage of the time you use same or next day shipping, you actually need it. More often it's about impulse buying or impatience.

The times you do need it, better planning could often have obviated the need for it.

The rare times you still need it, there's always real stores you can go to for most categories of items.

The remaining times it's still needed should be very rare. You can think of Amazon as a fallback you only need in rare times of desperation than your go-to place for buying in general.

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