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Yes, the fact that you're already upset, combined with seemingly no ability to resolve the situation is incredibly infuriating.

I guess the side benefit of today's age is that it's not too difficult to find people high up in the company to contact. I usually do these things to resolve issues that can't be resolved through support systems:

1) Search LinkedIn for higher ups in the company who could help

2) Search Google to try and find the email format the company uses for it's company email... e.g. first.last@company.com or flast@company.com

3) Write a clear and concise account of the problem and either include every executive you find or BCC them all

I had an issue with Babies R Us where they shipped me a piece of furniture that was destroyed at some point in the logistics process. I contacted support about it and they kept wanting to charge me return shipping fees and told me to take it to a B&M store to avoid that. So I took it to a local store and they said they couldn't process the return but would ship the item back for me and that I needed to contact the phone support to update them on the situation. I did that and phone support had no ability to sort things out with the store. At that point it had been nearly two weeks and I was charged the money but no longer had the item, as I had left it at the store. I began the charge back process but executed my tactics above and got multiple executive responses by the end of the day.

I've done this with multiple companies in the past and it has ALWAYS worked. It sucks that this is what you have to do but at least it's an option.

That's an excellent way to go about it. Also similar, and effective, is to write a formal letter on actual paper, outlining the issue clearly, and send it Fedex overnight to the executive in question. That'll usually get some kind of response. Sending it to the attention of the General Counsel of the company can be particularly effective, since it can generate the kind of attention that an attorney letter would get, even though you haven't had to pay an attorney.

AnyMail helps shortcut this process, used it several times with much success.

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