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Software emulators. Programs to allow you to run software for one platform on another. Something that is perfectly legal, yet was apparently enough for Paypal to kill an account over.

Reference: https://yabause.org/2016/05/26/donation-changes/

That exact field doesn't matter so much as the fact that they can kill your account for absolutely any reason they feel like, even when what you're doing is perfectly legal and not against their stated terms of service.

PC programs that run old Sega or Nintendo games. Debatably legal, and PayPal doesn't want to give money to people involved in debatably legal things.

Emulators are 100% legal. Don't get them confused with the ROMs ribbing on them. ROMs are duplicate copies of someone's IP.

There is debate over software emulators legality?

Ah, I see. I think in the U.S. those are pretty firmly established as legal under 'fair use'.

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