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I had a former coworker who was banned due to large number of returns. He was treating it like a try-and-buy service, returning anything he didn't like and they eventually cut him off...of everything. Paid amazon movies, gone. Paid kindle content, gone. His wife's account with the same billing address, gone. They annihilated his families Amazon world with one action.

It sounds like the coworker was abusing the system, but can anyone think of any legitimate reason to cut somebody off from their digital purchases like this? At the very most they should make the account "Read Only" so the customer can access anything they've already paid for, but they're just not allowed to buy anything else.

That is exactly why I refuse to buy digital content on any platform that won't let me download it. Netflix - I get it, I'm renting a stream and when a show goes away, no problem. But I'm not putting my money on books, movies, music, etc. that can be taken away when a company fails or decides that they don't like me. As much as I like e-books and hate paper, a good old paper copy is mine to use, lend or sell to someone else.

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