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I learned a while back a form of this lesson, which I would state as "never rely on Amazon as a single source of revenue."

My experience was starting a website that showcased interesting/humorous products in the vein of thisiswhyimbroke. After getting a great deal of traffic and getting a fairly substantial number of purchases occurring through my affiliate links, Amazon informed me that they could not approve my account and that I would not be credited for the sales that I referred to them.

I asked for a clear explanation and was not given one, only told to reapply for the program.

I was pissed off but learned a valuable lesson- that Amazon customer service is shit and at any point they can cut the power off to your business if they don't like any minute part of it.

So while I might use affiliate links as a source of revenue again, I'd never rely on Amazon as more than a small percentage of that.

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