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congrats, Anil! Great news for Fog Creek, and a great opportunity for you to have a big impact on software development!

Hopefully one of the early things you'll be focusing on is the diversity of GoMix's technology (including building accessibility in by default) and its community. There's huge potential, and a great chance to address it at a relatively early stage.

Absolutely. Right now, Gomix is not very accessible (in terms of editing code, not mental model), but that's definitely an area we'd like to improve in. And more broadly, making the creation of tech accessible to a far larger audience is fundamental to Gomix's mission, and to Fog Creek overall. We're committed to getting it right.

Along those lines, are you hiring engineers now who want to improve that process? Creating dynamic ways to develop products and edit code.

It seems like the positions listed here http://www.fogcreek.com/careers are support roles instead of product roles.

Great to hear!

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