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Rescuing my tiny videos from Vine (martymcgui.re)
13 points by chrisaldrich on Dec 6, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

And if you need an online tool while away from your computer, http://getvideo.at/ is running on youtube-dl. It will parse the given webpage and list out direct download links.

Is there a service yet which lets you enter your vine username and receive a zip of your videos? (edit: looks like twitter is planning on building one)

I don't know if there is a service out there yet, but here is a script in python to download all your posted vines and liked vines. You just need to download some dependencies and replace the placeholders with your email and password.


An awesome and detailed post with code to liberate all of one's data from the dying social silo known as Vine.

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