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Why? I want to check the url is submitted or not by HN in chrome extension, but don't want to call HN Search API (https://hn.algolia.com) every time for security issue.

Result? 10 year links in HN count is about 2143436, total bloom filter size 2143436 * 2B, file size ~ 5M. Find building status in https://hackernewsfilter.com/status/ . The bloom filter factors can be found in https://hackernewsfilter.com/faq/#check .

Product? The chrome extension based on these data can be find in https://hackernewsfilter.com/ , after install, you can check if an url is submitted or not when every time you open a link.


Ah this makes the purpose much more clear. I recommend putting a version of how you explain this on your front page

Amazing! Many users are coming in :)

So if you're using a bloom filter and you don't want to query the search engine, how do you deal with the potential false positive of it already being submitted?

Good question, for now, the false positive is not handled. One solution is to keep a false positive whitelist (also a bloom filter) in server side, only when the first user reports the false positive url, the link will be joint into the whitelist, then timely distribute to client.

bloom filters. tight.

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