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My project is at 28:00 of the final project presentations. We won overall that year. I'm TF (teaching fellow) for the current course and Head TF for the advanced course (CS109b) in the Spring. AMA.

For the lazy, it's chanceme.info, a data-driven college admission prediction project - that is really neat. Unfortunately, I'm getting a "Error: HTTP error 404." on the result.

Looks like an old DNS name expired. It has now been renewed.

Its really slick! I tried using it, but seem to be having the same issue :/

Bet a place like collegeconfidential.com would go bonkers over this tool :)

With only 13,000 training entries, I humbly think we built a better predictive model than anything else we could find. Certainly way better than Naviance. All the code and analysis is available on github if someone wants to make a business out of this.

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