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Did I black out or did the circle signature not make it into the movie? I remember the line about dreams and not being fit, but I don't remember seeing that image.

It didn't make it in the movie. The scene stopped after Louise saying "That doesn't make me unfit for the job".

I actually think the circle signature shouldn't have been cut because without it, I felt that the entire scene fell a bit flat.

OK, good. I totally agree. That line would have made a lot more sense, and helped clarify that section of the movie a lot had they left the signature in.

Fuck. I was really looking forward to seeing that.

The signature scene did not make it to the film I saw, and the whole scene where she writes unaided and which is explained afterwards was a bit lacking. It should have been a pivotal moment, but was too easy to miss the significance of it.

OFC my opinion.

Saw the film last night. If you blacked out, then so did I. (Or else we're already only remembering what the heptapods want us to...)

Like a lot of good sci fi I think this is one of those movies where I'd appreciate a Director's Cut or Extended Edition that includes obscure and technical and deep (read: nerdy) bits cut from wide release.

Huh, I remember reading a comment in this article, from the writer, to the effect that the circular signature didn't make it into the movie, making the blog post something of a director'a cut, but that comment isn't there now.

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