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DigitalOcean | Technical Editor | New York, NY | Remote | Full-time

DigitalOcean is hiring a Python and tech writing expert.

We want you to publish project-based tutorials to teach the open-source community about Python development from the ground up! You’ll be focusing on content that can help coders bridge the gap from programming boot camps to employment-ready coding skills. The role will grow to include other development languages: JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Go, PHP, etc.

The Editor's job is to select, review, and publish submissions from external authors in the DigitalOcean Community (https://www.digitalocean.com/community).


* Evaluating proposed tutorial topics for interest to the open-source community, value in teaching readers how to code at different levels of technical difficulty, and practical utility

* Delivering editorial notes to help authors improve the technical details and quality of writing in each tutorial

* Publishing tutorials about real world projects in Python and, eventually, additional development languages

* Assisting other teams with editorial and non-editorial tasks, like blog posts and case studies

Our ideal candidate has:

* Excellent written and verbal English communication skills

* Comfort with maintaining author relationships

* 2+ years of development experience in Python

* Some Linux experience (should be able to deploy projects and navigate the command line)

* Formal or informal experience with teaching or mentoring developers

* Experience or interest in instructional writing

Please apply at https://www.digitalocean.com/company/careers/#technical-edit...

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