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Truckfly | Software Engineer Intern | Paris, France | INTERNS https://www.truckfly.com/

Our tech stack : - Backend: Django + Django Rest Framework - Web Frontend: React - Mobile Frontend: React Native

At Truckfly, we are doing our best to make road transportation better using break-through technologies. Last year, we launched an app for truckers. Today, our community gathers 80,000 drivers all around Europe. Each user can access the best truck stops on the road : restaurants, parkings and gas stations. The app is participative : adding new stops, rating existing ones and commenting on their experience.

Today, we aim at modernizing the trucking industry tools using mobile technologies, selling Saas mobile/web software. Join Truckfly and work in a small, flexible and adaptive team.

I'd be happy to have a discussion with you, please send me an email at arthur@truckfly.com

More info: https://angel.co/truckfly/jobs

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