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SEEKING WORK - Midlands, UK or London, UK or Remote.

Experienced software/ full-stack web developer.

Expertise in a broad range of software development areas and surrounding disciplines to effectively solve business problems. Experience architecting systems; creating, organising and maintaining significant codebases, including bespoke e-commerce platform and packaged cross-platform web apps (mobile and desktop).

SQL experience (sqlite, postgres, mysql, etc) and a good understanding of design fundamentals- UI (including responsive UI experience), UX and graphic design basics. High quality clean and readable code, with ability to assess your requirements and find a well-suited approach that best meets your needs.

tech: javascript, python, html5, CSS3, git, AWS, mobile, PhoneGap/cordova, web apps, bootstrap, SQL, MVC, SEO


Please feel free to email this username @gmx.com to arrange a chat about your aims and how we can best meet them

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