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Imagen Technologies | Head of Business and Clinical Operations / Senior Computer Vision Research Scientist / Senior Software Engineer | New York, NY | Full-time | Onsite

Imagen is creating a world without diagnostic errors. Our initial focus is on building AI-based software that can detect clinically-meaningful pathologies within medical images. Imagen’s long-term vision is to keep patients healthy by delivering novel insights to support early disease identification and improved patient management across episodes of care.

Briefly on the roles:

Head of Business and Clinical Operations - Responsible for scaling and managing our large clinical team and owning key day-to-day priorities around finance, talent, and operations.

Senior Computer Vision Research Scientist - Build advanced machine learning models for detection, localization, and segmentation to provide automated diagnoses of medical imagery. We strongly encourage our scientists to publish their research and regularly travel to conferences.

Senior Software Engineer - Work closely with our clinicians and product to define and build web applications, manage our large and growing dataset, and streamline machine learning processes.

I’m an engineer at Imagen, and love the mission and people. Feel free to reach out, contact info in profile.


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