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Bryan, I just wanted to say thanks for everything. I remember attending a Sun event (as a corporate C dev) where they introduced this thing called DTrace, and a very excited young engineer (clearly the smartest guy in the room), managed to infect us all with his enthusiasm. Though I haven't worked with Solaris much since then, I always was impressed with the quality of the engineering. I think I might check out Illumos this weekend :-)

Edit: Apologies for misspelling your first name.

Thank you for the kind words! One of the things that's exciting about illumos right now is I see so many young technologists who remind me of that excited engineer you describe. ;) For example, look at the presentations from this year's OpenZFS Developer Summit[1]. Yes, there are some established names there, but there are also new ones -- young engineers who are attracted to this system for the same reason I was two decades ago: for not the system itself but for its community of talented, passionate technologists who emphatically believe in innovation in the operating system.

So hoping that you do indeed check out illumos this weekend; I think you'll find that while some of the names have changed, the spirit remains vibrant!

[1] http://open-zfs.org/wiki/OpenZFS_Developer_Summit_2016#Prese...

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