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Nebulous | Software Developer - Networking | Boston, MA | ONSITE, OPEN SOURCE | https://sia.tech/jobs

Nebulous | Business Operations | Boston, MA | ONSITE, INTERNS | https://sia.tech/jobs

We're a team of decentralization enthusiasts building a decentralized cloud storage platform. We take decentralization seriously - if we were to shut down tomorrow and disappear, service on our platform would not be interrupted. Website aside, users would likely not even notice.

We use smart contracts, erasure coding, and encryption to create a secure marketplace for cloud storage. Our platform is comparable to Amazon S3, except that the user is in full control of the data, and storage + bandwidth are offered at about 1/10th the price.

We're looking to expand our team to help us grow the userbase and to help us onboard enterprises. Sia is ultimately meant to be aimed at corporations more than consumers, and we're looking to expand further in that direction. We have a bare-minimum sales pipeline built, and we're looking for someone to build that out further and to walk corporations from first call to pilot to production deployment.

We are also looking for someone who can optimize the networking done by our software. There's a lot of obvious room for improvement in how the protocol transfers data + payments. The networking is trading money with untrusted and potentially malicious parties, which means that any protocol must be robust to adversarial interference. All coding will be done in golang. All of our code is MIT licensed.

If you are passionate about decentralization, you might find a home with us.

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