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Authorea | Senior Engineer | Brooklyn, NY | On-site | Visa possible | www.authorea.com

Spun out of CERN by a group of astrophysicists, Authorea is building the world’s best collaborative document editor for research. We are a New York company with recent backing from Bloomberg Beta, ffVC, Lux Capital, and Techammer. We are pre-Series A with 65,000+ users and growing.

We are a close group of researchers, engineers, and product people fixing some enormous fundamental problems in research. Our goal is to advance substantially the pace of scientific innovation by delivering a superior research editor built for the web.

The editor is built on git and supports multiple markup languages. Every document is a repo and has a commit history. Researchers can run visualizations and IPython notebooks inside the document. Citations can be pulled from online reference libraries and documents can be exported to hundreds of styling formats.

In short: We have a lot of stuff to work on, and we need your help!

Please say hello with a note to jobs@authorea.com and “HN” in the subject line.


- Passion for open science

- 6+ years of web development experience

- Deep familiarity with Ruby/Rails

- Extensive knowledge of the modern front end stack, CSS/JS, React, Redux

- History of completing projects on time and to spec

- A great team player with a positive attitude willing to help the team accomplish our ambitious goals

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