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Nordam Group | Fullstack Software Developer | Tulsa, OK | Onsite (relocation available)

We’re an independent development team inside The NORDAM Group building a brand new public web service. The aerospace industry we’re modernizing has yet to fully benefit from the data revolution. We pride ourselves on our “startup” approach: we leverage modern technologies and methodologies and we prefer results over tradition. By being a totally separate unit in a large corporation, we benefit from its support and extensive business network, without all the downsides that come with software development at larger companies.

Our product needs to handle information at scale, safely. We deal with items often worth tens of thousands of dollars or more. We do things the right way from the first time - cutting corners is not worth it in our case.

You know Ruby inside and out, both the pretty and the ugly. You can tell when a piece of code will be inefficient just by looking at it and you know how to optimize it. However, you are not married to any programming language and would welcome the opportunity to learn a new one on the job with open arms.

As an early dev hire, you will be in a unique position to work on virtually all aspects of our product and have a strong voice in product and technology strategy. This position is a great opportunity for a smart and ambitious developer to advance their career and have a major impact on a large, important and clean project

Contact me at simon.grondin@outlook.com and I'll put you in touch with the right people.

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