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frame.ai | Backend/API Engineer | New York, NY | Full time | Onsite | frame.ai

Frame helps companies have complex interactions with customers over mobile messaging at scale, harnessing the value of real conversation without the friction and slowness of phone calls and email.

While many startups have rushed to address the messaging opportunity by building single-purpose bots, Frame believes that this wave is premature, and instead is building a platform to help humans have superpowered conversations with each other. Frame connects business teams to mobile messaging apps, then arm company agents with AI-enhanced tooling and automation to help them have high-quality, efficient interactions.

We’re a venture-backed startup created by technical cofounders with leadership experience at fast-growing startups like Blue Apron and Knewton. We’re obsessed with building a team that’s effective, supportive, and both serves the immediate market and advances the state of conversational collaboration between people and AI.

Applications are open for YC Winter 2019

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