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I respect that Linux works for Netflix. However IMHO:

BTRFS/ZoL doesn't beat Illumos ZFS. FreeBSD ZFS is pretty standalone in the OS; It can only since recently deal with a hot spare drive and thats it. IO scheduling on FreeBSD is spartan; It will always favor large IO and starve small read / writes.

LXC doesn't beat FreeBSD jails or Solaris zones since LXC is not considered a security boundary.

Openvswitch can perhaps measure itself with illumos crossbow.

Systemd doesn't beat SMF on Illumos. I think SMF really nailed it (Systemd is overkill and plain RC scripts in FreeBSD are a pain).

So IMHO Solaris/Illumos/SmartOS sits nicely between Linux and FreeBSD.

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