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VincuVentas | Lead Developer | Bogotá, Colombia | VISA http://vincuventas.com/

We're looking for a Lead Developer to join our diverse colombian-swiss-dutch-german-us-american team in Bogotá. VincuVentas is a data-driven marketplace for matching job-seeking candidates and businesses. The inception of our business idea was enabled through one of the most important company builders in the LATAM region, Polymath Ventures [0], with which we share an office. Needless to say, Bogotá is a very exciting place to live in, Colombia offers many options for getaways and exploration (think beaches, mountains, plains and jungle rolled into one).

Our stack includes Ember.js, Python (Flask), PostgreSQL, Heroku, Elasticsearch.

More info and application here: http://www.polymathv.com/join-us/468065/Lead+Developer+-+Vin...

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, find my email in my profile.

[0] http://www.polymathv.com/

Upvoting fellow latin teams.

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