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Careful | Senior Backend Developer | NYC (midtown) | Onsite www.careful.md

Careful has developed our version 1.0 product for secure collaboration and messaging with a focus on sports medicine. We are now looking to build out a development team.

The senior backend dev is expected to have creative input into the future of the product and will help establish our corporate culture. It is a chance to groom and build your ideal solutions in both what you develop behind the keyboard and in the workplace you inhabit.

The current tech stack is PHP, python, mysql, swift. There is a decent amount of crypto thrown in there as well between all the message handling. We are open to other platforms for the version 2.0 roadmap and would love to hear why you would migrate or stick to the currently selected technologies.

Please email Careful at jobs@careful.md. I'm Louis, the CTO, & I look forward to your war stories and CVs. Thanks HN community.

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