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SEEKING WORK - Remote, Willing to Travel [US/EU]

Need an Android app? Already have an awesome iOS app? We can help.

We take your iOS app and prepare everything you need to port it to Android in just a few short weeks, then we’ll handle development from the first line of code to first app download, or assist you and your team as you build everything yourselves.

Drop us a line at nick@pembroke.studio and we’ll begin porting your iOS app to Android as quickly as possible. We only take on 4 projects per month, and our next available engagement is Monday, December 5th.

Not ready to get started, but still have some questions about porting to Android? Schedule a call with us at this link https://calendly.com/pembroke/phone/

Site: http://pembroke.studio/ Email: nick@pembroke.studio Keywords: Android, iOS port, porting, mobile, development, design, UX, product, remote, iPhone, native

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