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ActiveSphere | Bangalore | ONSITE | Full Time | Full Stack

We are a consulting company. But thats not the end of it. One of us has written Emacs mode (https://github.com/ananthakumaran/tide) which is now linked directly from official TypeScript website. Another one of us, has written tunnelling solution, and used it to create a remote debugging (debug another browser session over the internet), as POC. We have done high pace React re-writes for clients. Picked up tech, when needed (React, Angular 2, Go, Erlang, Laravel/PHP, GStreamer). Switched to Erlang for messaging system. Helped clients with cleaning up a over-engineered micro-service mess. We have written a little more here: http://www.activesphere.com/careers.html

We are quite lazy at updating our own site, but some of our hacks can be seen at: http://www.activesphere.com/hacks.html

If you're interested in applying, please try your hand at the problem linked below and reach out to us at career[at]activesphere.com


If you solve the problem, we might have a few (probably 2 or 3) rounds of informal interview.

No description of job, salary, skills !!! And 3 links in your post but not one to careers page? If you want to advertise your company, go somewhere else.

4 links, and the second one is to careers page :)

About skills and salary, it depends on the person. We are a small (7 right now) company. We are more concerned about having colleagues who can contribute, and who would find interest in working with us.

And thats why I wanted to explain our company. Otherwise it gives an impression of just another Indian consulting sweat shop.

I guess, I am not looking for agreement, just explaining. If moderators find the job post to be against guidelines of 'Ask HN: Who is hiring?', I will delete the current post, and be careful about future posts.

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