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Which drivers? I just looked at a document of theirs which details how they ripped out a whole bunch of drivers on the i86pc platform. For example, if I were crazy enough to upgrade to Solaris 11.3, my cadp160(9D) wouldn't work any more because they ripped it out. All of a sudden, my system could no longer talk UltraSCSI 160. IPFilter - gone. They ripped out a whole bunch of libraries like libpng out. Paravirtualization has been ripped out. Cheap UltraSPARC hardware support like the M3000, T1000, T2000, T5220, T5240, T3-1, all ripped out. /etc/defaultrouter gone. zone archive formats gone. Adobe Flash player gone. sysidtool(1M) gone. smdiskless(1M) gone. SmartCard support gone. lx-branded zones gone and they tell me to use XEN on Linux, no way! PostgreSQL - gone.


No thanks.

USB 3.0 for one. Then there is their port of Intel's video driver from Linux and drivers for wireless NICs.

xhci for SmartOS is actually code-complete and in its final testing.[1]

[1] https://www.mail-archive.com/smartos-discuss@lists.smartos.o...

Awesome. Thanks for letting me know that Robert got this working. It is probably obvious by now that I am behind on reading mailing lists. I'll try to catch up before year's end. :)

I don't care enough about USB 3.0 - servers don't need it, and I boot my servers from the network via PXE and DHCP anyway.

intel video - couldn't care less either - I just buy Nvidia, download their SVR4 Solaris package and am up and running in seconds. It JustWorks(SM), so I always buy Nvidia - go sgi engineers.

After a certain level of driver support, more drivers are nice, but they have diminishing returns in the number of people impacted by them. It is quite understandable that it does not matter to you. My point in that having those drivers released as OSS for integration into Illumos would be nice still stands though. :)

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