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WaiveCar | Software Engineer | Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California | ONSITE | http://waivecar.com

WaiveCar is a free-to-use advertising based on-demand all-electric car-rental service.

We're looking for a senior engineer with experience in small-shop startups. The tech is javascript/mobile app/etc ...

We are expanding via a partnership with Hyundai (https://techcrunch.com/2016/11/16/hyundai-partners-with-waiv...) to multiple cities soon. If you want to be in early where the action is, this is the juice. We've got competitive salary/options/benefits, all the good stuff. It's fully funded and cash flow positive.

(I'm the guy who wrote the filtering script that's mentioned every month in these posts)

(mostly duplicate) additional info here: https://www.waivecar.com/job.html

Apply by email: chris@waive.car

Maybe I can't pitch a job right, this is a great position people.

No drama, no politics, easy team, no boneheads.

I want to make sure the team is productive and get out of the way.

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