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I will confess to not being an expert, but I disagree: I don't think it's sufficient to abstract away the lower-level substrate when the OP was referring to DNA as source code, which absolutely depends on that level of detail to both construct the system (the brain) and to enable the continued development and maturation of that system (a physical, real brain).

I was not referring to the huge volume of information necessary, as I acknowledge that as being "outside the system" for purposes of this discussion, so my apologies for any confusion I might have caused.

It may be possible that (and it is my belief that) there is a higher-level abstraction for the computations taking place in the brain, even if it is on the neuron-level, but at that point I don't think you can claim that the source code for that is going to fit under 700MB by using DNA as a baseline.

you are right, I went too far. see my other comment:


however, that just concerns the DNA argument. We know roughly how many neurons there are in humans and their connectedness.

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