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Well, if not for this being 2016, it would be the saddest news I've heard in a while, but this came within a week of Ron Glass dying, so I guess it's only the second-saddest news item this week alone.

I guess it'll still live on in Illumos and its distributions like SmartOS, OpenIndiana, etc., but still... Solaris brought the computing world so many innovations (NFS, ZFS, dtrace, etc.), and it's going to take a while for it to fully sink in that it's gone.

Solaris was finally done 10 years ago when instead of responding to what market needs, they were touting dtrace (and pouring into it all the dev cycle resources as i could see) as the biggest and shiniest feature. Well, that small and insignificant from market POV feature was really the biggest and shiniest thing (if compare to the rest of things :) in Solaris at the time (and has been since then) ... and that is the issue which did the Solaris. And the easy install, like insert the disk and go, windows and linux style ... i think some people still have PTSD from that.

Don't forget about both ZFS and Zones, both of which are pretty important and demanded by the market. Just ask Nexenta and Joyent.

Yeah, Solaris totally should have been focused on actual customer needs, like containers.

They did, they were called zones.

One of those times where a sarcasm punctuation would be useful.

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