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it is scary, sounds like GLAdOS singing "still alive"!

It sounds more like a corrupt core.

"Cave here. It's Christmas time, and you know what that means: Christmas bonuses have been suspended until further notice. We've gotta pay the judgement on that pesky class-action with something. But don't let that get you out of the Christmas spirit. The lab boys have come up with a way to stay festive by hooking up the Christmas Core to the lab's PA system. So enjoy free, continuous, computer-generated Christmas music from now until January 5!"

"Cave again. Apparently the Christmas music has been causing some employees severe emotional and psychological distress. We've had reports of people sticking their heads into active particle accelerators and drinking Repulsion Gel to get away from the sound. So until a full investigation has been conducted and the Christmas Core thoroughly debugged, we are discontinuing the Christmas music. We do not need another class-action on our hands, folks."

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